Friday, March 29, 2013


This is a RE-POST from my old blog........

"It's Easter Sunday!! And kids love this day because of the Easter Egg Hunt events! But, most of all we should remember that on this day our Lord has risen again.

Just to join the fun of it, we re-created a hairstyle we saw on CUTE GIRLS HAIRSTYLES. It is literally an "Easter Egg Hairstyle" because you are going to use cute colorful plastic eggs in order to do this hairstyle. See my pic below:

It is so easy to do!!! And all you need are elastics, ribbons, and those cute, colorful plastic eggs. 

First, all you have to do is part your daughter's hair from top to bottom to make 2 ponies or pigtails. Tie them first with a black elastic. 

Now on the first ponytail, divide it into 4 equal parts. Each part you will braid normally (simple 3-strand braids), and tie the ends with different colored elastics. Do the same thing on the other half pony.

Now, wrap an elastic around the braids about an inch or 2 below the top elastic. Once you tied them already, you can insert one colored Easter egg. Just adjust the tightness of the elastics below the egg. For additional security, wrap another elastic in the middle of the egg/braid.  Do another of this set and then you can tie the ends with an elastic or ribbon. Then do the same on the other pony tail. See pic below for reference:

You can add your fave colored ribbon to add some spice and fun to this hairstyle. You can add the ribbon on top or at the bottom of the pony tails.

And that's it!! I hope you guys try it. Happy Easter!!"

**Don't forget to watch out for our NEW EASTER HAIRSTYLE 2013 post**

Lots of Love,