Monday, March 18, 2013


We are so loving this hairstyle i did  on my daughter's hair this weekend. It's basically a "TWIST or ROPE Braids". 

The top part I made into a "Lace Braid" type of twist. Thus, the "Twist Lace Braids". I made one of each on both sides.

Then I gathered the rest of the hair into a ponytail. I then made several little twists/rope braids to make it look more "FUN" and give this "Summery Look".

Here are some more pics of our featured hairstyle:

A view of the whole hairstyle

A closer look on the "TWIST LACE BRAIDS"

The smaller twists in the ponytail made this hairstyle more FUN!

The view at the back
I hope you liked this hairstyle too. This one is very easy to do. You only need 2 strands of hair to make the twists.

Have FUN!! BTW, EASTER is coming soon!!! Watch out for FUN EASTER HAIRSTYLES!!

Happy Hair Styling!!

Lots of Love,