Monday, March 11, 2013

"You Braid, You Weave - Woven French Braid Ponytail"

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MONDAY....start of another school week!

Since it's the last Monday of school week for the month of March, my daughter wanted to do a hairstyle we saw from , it's called the "woven french braid ponytail". Here's how it looks like:

back view

back, side view

So, i watched the video tutorial Sunday and studied it and i even practiced doing it at first using my daughter's BRATZ head doll mannequin. Look:

watching Kori's video tutorial, see on my computer monitor??

the "BRATZ" head doll i practiced on!!

So, to be able to do this hairstyle, we have to wake up early Monday morning. There are like 4 components to do this hairstyle. There's knotting, braiding, weaving, and a ponytail. And it's best to do this with a damp hair. 

So this is how it looked like, our finished product:

this is the back view
to make it more pretty we added a cute flower clip

here is the view from the left side 

another view, from the right side

It was almost perfect!! I hoped Kori likes it. :)

So off to school she went, my daughter. And come afternoon, when she came home she told me she got some nice comments from her classmates too.

On my FB, i posted this pic too. And i got a lot of likes and nice comments. Whew!! Guess i did a pretty good job "re-creating" a hairstyle from Kori's blog The Story of A Princess & Her Hair. I really love all their hairstyles there. And i really was inspired to start doing beautiful hairstyles for my daughter when i saw her blog. So guys check it out too!! Be inspired too!!

Anyway, for you guys to be able to do this, here is the video tutorial:

The Woven French Braid Ponytail Video Tutorial

Hope you like it guys!!!

Lots Of Love, 

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