Saturday, March 23, 2013


It's the end of School Year 2012-2013, Graduations, Recognition or Moving Up Ceremonies, and an early Easter Egg Hunt.......It is definitely SUMMER in the Philippines!!

This March a lot of students will bid their schools, classmates, teachers & friends goodbye. Some will graduate (either from elementary, high school, or college), some will transfer to different schools and some will simply just have their SUMMER VACATION.

My daughter is officially on her Summer vacation now. It started last March 16, 2013. And when it's Summer vacation, it means going over to my parents' house to spend her vacation with them & her cousin Aaron.

We are also celebrating, starting tomorrow March 24 Sunday, the HOLY WEEK. Tomorrow Sunday is Palm Sunday. And after 1 week we will be celebrating EASTER SUNDAY!

Last Thursday, March 21, 2013, my daughter together with her cousin had an "early" Easter Egg Hunting event. It was held in my sister's office at ABS-CBN.

Here is my daughter's hairstyle and outfit for the said event:

I call this hairstyle the "TWIST LACE BRAIDS & TWISTS PONYTAIL". I think I am loving a lot of "twists" hairstyles nowadays. They are so fun to wear especially this Summer time.

Here is my daughter's outfit. The sheer top and the cute shorts are from the brand WITCHERY from Australia. My aunt gave it. Her accessories (bangles & earrings) are from FOREVER 21. My daughter looked like a young lady already here:

My daughter & nephew had so much fun. They enjoyed the loot bags they got plus some prizes because they were part of the TOP 5 Early Bird Awardees plus they both got 2 special Easter eggs which they can exchange for prizes.

Here are some of the yummy treats being offered to the kiddos at the said event. And mind you, they can take as many as they want from these yummy treats:

It was a fun, fun, fun day for the both of them. They really enjoyed this kind of activity together.

I'll be posting some more "EASTER-inspired Hairstyles" again next week. So watch out for it.

By the way tonight, here in the Philippines we will be participating in the so called EARTH HOUR, wherein we will be turning OFF all the lights from 8:30-9:30 PM.

Let us all join this Global Community in saving our planet Earth.

'Til next time....Happy Hair Styling, & Happy Summer to all!

Lots of Love,