Friday, March 15, 2013


It's the end of the week, and almost the end of school year 2012-2013 (last day of school tomorrow)!

So how's your day going so far? This week for us was "exams week". My daughter started their FINALS EXAM yesterday and it will end tomorrow Saturday. And then, it's summer vacation time!!

Anyway, here is our featured hairstyle for today. We will call it the "WOVEN TWISTS PIGGIES". The original hairstyle is called "WOVEN PIGGIES" from my fave hair blog Princess Hairstyles or The Story of A Princess and Her Hair and this is how it looked like in her daughter's hair (the original photo):

Pic from
 It's like a combo hairstyle, consisting of  "twists", "weaves", and "piggies". This is how the finished hair style looked like on my daughter:

The first thing i did is to part the hair in the middle from front all the way down. Now make 2 rectangular boxes (parting the hair in rectangular shape) from the crown part of the head, one on each side.

Now make 3 parts on each of the rectangular boxes of hair, and each part you twist them going to the right. Now add this twist to the opposite side of the piggy.  If you twists first the left side, bring these hair twists to the right piggy. 

Now the "weaving" part, do the same from the other hair part/box. but instead of putting them straight to the piggy, weave each one first to each strand that has been tied to the piggy already. You can go over-under-over on the first strand, then on the 2nd strand go under-over-under. Then do it on the last strand using the over-under-over.  It will now look like this:

Now you can just leave the ends of the piggies the way they are or you can put each piggies into a messy bun just like i did in the pic. Or you can also do a simple braid just to give it a different flare.

Ok, I know reading instructions is quite boring for some of you, but i am sorry to say that i have no video tutorial of my own for this hairstyle. But you can just learn it from Princess Hairstyles by clicking this link: .

Hope you guys like it! Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love,