Monday, April 1, 2013

"Happy Easter 2013 - Our Easter Hairstyles"

HAPPY EASTER to all of our readers, followers & to our fave hair bloggers!!

How was your "Easter Egg Hunting" adventures?? Well, me & my daughter already had our egg hunting weeks before. You can read about our "Pre-Easter Egg Hunting" fun by clicking this link: "IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMER TIME!"

Anyway, here is our "Easter Hairstyle" for this year 2013. We call it the "4-STRAND ACCENT BRAIDS"

I have seen these hairstyle in almost all of my favorite hair bloggers. There are also different versions of this one and it is pretty easy to do once you mastered doing the 4-strand simple braids.

This is just what my daughter wore for the day at home. Here are some more pics of this hairstyle:

A view from the back

A closer look at the braids

Side view of the hairstyle
It's a simple 4 strand braiding technique. The 4th strand you just have to make into a simple braid first to have that "accent" effect when you do this braid. 

You can also use a ribbon instead as your 4th strand "4-STRAND RIBBON BRAID". That was what we used for Easter last year. Here's the pic of the 4-strand ribbon hairstyle:

So which one did you like best?? Whatever hairstyle you pick to wear on this day, I hope you all had a great and fun Easter.   And don't forget the main reason we are celebrating it is because our Lord has risen again!

Until next time!!

Lots of Love,