Friday, March 8, 2013


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Wow!! this Katniss one sided braid was a sure hit in all of my fave hair blogs, even on their FB pages too!

So, I'm gonna be sharing with you this "hit" hairstyle for this week!

Since The Hunger Games will be showing this weekend, my daughter and i thought, hey why don't we join the fad! It's fun and everybody is doing it now. So we made the "KATNISS'  DUTCH BRAID", well that's what i call it anyway.

It's just a simple dutch or french braid (whatever you want) that you start off from the right side of your hair ( i always start at the right because I'm right handed....does it make sense?? ) continuously braiding the hair going down then slightly curve or turn it to the left. Then braid again and slightly bringing the braid down over the left shoulders. And this is how it looked on my daughter's hair:

Our Version Of the Katniss Braid:

the back view

left-side view

front view

right-side view

As you can see on my daughter's hair, i kinda made the braid a bit loose. I also did this braid on her hair dry (didn't use any water spray. And at the front her hair is also kinda loose but i omitted the little hair falling on the face as on Katniss' style.

FYI....i first saw this hairstyle on my fave hair blogs: Kori's The Story of A Princess & Her Hair and Mindy's Adopt A 'Do Cute Girl's Hairstyles
But, i kinda did this hairstyle on my own, so i'm giving my self a pat on the back (LOL!!).

Now the sequel to this hit movie is coming this year. Enjoy the movie if you guys are gonna watch it and try sporting this hairstyle again, just for fun!

Lots of Love,