Saturday, February 23, 2013


This week, it was all about "HAIR BOWS". And we both had a lot of fun doing it. We got lots of nice compliments too.

We started doing the Hair Bow Braid hairstyle last Tuesday and since we got some nice compliments from that hairstyle, we decided to do the "5-Days of Hair Bows".


Last Tuesday i did this hairstyle to my daughter after I saw these neat trick Girly Do Hairstyles shared on how to achieve the bows much easier. You can check that video by clicking this LINK. Here are some more of the pics up close:


After getting nice compliments from Day 1's hairstyle, we did another hair bow hairstyle. This one is much easier to do. All you have to do is make a very low pig tails. Grab a small section from the top of the pigtail, and create your bow using an elastic band. You can check out Cute Girls Hairstyles for the video on making this bow. Their version is doing this bow in a low side ponytail. Here are some more pics of this hairstyle up close:


This hairstyle clearly speaks for itself! It does look like a "dragonfly"!! I created this one by accident. We ran out of time last Thursday on finishing a 2 sided Hair Bow Braids. I only finished one side with only 2 bows. Then i just gathered all the remaining hair into a side ponytail. As we were taking the pictures, we instantly thought that it looked like a dragonfly!! Here are some more of the pics:


Inspired from the "Lady Gaga" hair bow. I started this hairstyle by making an upside down dutch braid. I braided my daughter's hair while sitting with her head faced down. I braided it only halfway through. Then tied the rest of the hair into a high ponytail. From there you can create the "Lady Gaga hair bow". More pics here:


This one is so pretty and very girly. It is like a pretty ribbon/bow on top of a cute gift. Just section your hair from ear to ear and tie them into a half pony tail. From there you can now make your ribbon bow. Or you can check out BEBEXO's Video Tutorial on this ribbon bow. By the way i didn't used any hair spray on my daughter's hair. It's all bobby pins and i did this while her hair is a bit damp. Plus, the tails of this ribbon bow i just curled using my forefingers. 

And that's it!! Our "5-DAYS OF HAIR BOWS" hair challenge! Wow! I feel so good after accomplishing this challenge i did for myself. I hope you guys like what i did here. You can check these pics also on our following accounts (and please, do follow & like us there too):
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Remember guys, "If I can do these hairstyles, so can you!"
Just put your heart, passion & interest on it and in a few tries you will be able to do them, too. And this is one good way to bond with your pretty daughter/s too!

Happy Hair Styling everyone!

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Our Fave Hairstyles Learned From CUTE GIRLS HAIRSTYLES"!!

 I have been an avid fan/follower of moms who have a great talent in HAIR STYLING. I followed their blogs, YouTube videos, Twitter, Pinterest & FB Page. Most of you probably have read my other post featuring Hairstyles For Girls - Princess Hairstyles, you can read it HERE. Well, I have another mom hair blogger i would like to share with you whom I have learned a lot of hairstyles too. This is Mindy McKnight's blog CUTE GIRLS HAIRSTYLES!

visit Mindy's blog here:

This was the 2nd hair blog/tutorial I saw online and Mindy (the blog owner) makes very nice, pretty, fun, creative & unique hairstyles for girls. I think the very first hairstyle i learned from her was the BRAIDED CROWN:

here is the pic from Mindy's blog featuring the "braided crown" hairstyle
this is my version of their "braided crown"
here's another view of our "braided crown"

Most of the other hairstyles I've seen from this blog are fun, unique, and easy to learn. Another hairstyle that caught my eye was her hair style for Easter, the EGG TAILS - EASTER HAIRSTYLE!

This is Mindy's version of the EGG TAILS:

This is my version of their hairstyle:


*the only difference in my version is that
 i made 4 mini braids on each pony tail 
to act as the cage for the eggs*

One time, me & my daughter were feeling a bit LADY GAGA! We want a fun and unique hairstyle. And when i looked at Mindy's hair blog...BOOM! There it was, the ever famous LADY GAGA BOW!!

This is Mindy's daughter wearing the Lady Gaga Bow hair style

Now this is my version of the Lady Gaga Bow....
Another fun and funky style of hairstyle i found on Mindy's blog is the "BUN-HAWK" hair style which i think is perfect for something "funky" & fun, rock & roll kind of party.

the "bun-hawk" (like a mohawk)

yeah!! look how happy she is!!
rock & roll sistah!
And here's our version of this crazy hairstyle, which by the way was worn with a cute Lady Gaga inspired top (just look at the big bow details on the shoulders):

i added some cute black & white butterfly earrings to go with this hairstyle

look at my daughter, ready to rock out!! ain't her black top cute?

Another hairstyle I have learned was the CAGE BRAID PONYTAIL (RIB-CAGE BRAIDS). Here's the pic of what Mindy did:

And this is my version of this hair style:



These are just a few of the many hairstyles I have learned from Mindy and her blog CUTE GIRLS HAIRSTYLES. If you too want to learn from her, follow her blog. 

You can check & follow her Instagram account:

Follow her too in Pinterest:
Mindy "Cute Girls Hairstyles"

You can also watch her YouTube video here:

Follow her on Twitter too:

You can look up these hairstyles too in her FB Page here:

So what are you waiting for? Go there and learn some cute hairstyles for your daughters!!!

As what Mindy would always say "HAPPY HAIRDOING!!!"

Lots of Love,

Monday, February 18, 2013


One of the many hair blogs that i follow that really got me so interested in doing cute & pretty hairstyles for my daughter was The Story of a Princess & Her Hair (

It was Kori's blog that i saw first and this is what i call my very first hair styling "tutor". I first started learning all her hairstyles last November of 2011. It also inspired me to make this blog and share to others that it is not too late to learn cute and pretty hairstyles for your girls and that it is also easy to learn! I was already 35 when i first learned how to braid!! Now, i am proud to say i know how to do various kinds of braids: french braids, dutch braids, twist braids, fishtail braids & more!!!

Here are some of the recent hairstyles I have learned from Princess Hairstyles, and these are hairstyles for girls with shorter hair. My daughter's hair was cut short last June up to her shoulder. These are some of the hairstyles i did & just click the titles to go to the instructional video of these hairstyles:

*FAKE FRENCH RIBBON BRAIDS - here is the pic & link to the tutorial of this hairstyle:

And this is my version of this hairstyle:


*SIMPLE & FANCY HEADBAND (BRAIDED HEADBAND) - This is a very cute hairstyle. It uses both the hair and the headband accessory together to create this style.


This is my version of this cute hairstyle:

*FUNKY TWIST FAN HAIRSTYLE - Another fun & funky hairstyle! And all you have to do is Twist, Twist, Twist & Clip!!

And here's my version of it, my daughter totally LOVES this:

*THREADED TWISTS HAIRSTYLE - one of our many favorites from, this cute hairstyle must have been one of the most complicated hairstyle i have learned.

And these is my version of it, and i called it the "TWIST & WEAVE HAIRSTYLE"


Actually, i have done this before when my daughter's hair was still long:

*SPRING RINGS-UNIQUE HAIRSTYLES - This is a very cool and simple way to style your hair. You can wear the coils/springs in a straight way or you can shape them up into "snail-like" style.

And here is our version of this hairstyle:

i was able to do this hairstyle on my daughter's short hair

then turn it and you'll have a snail-like shape
just make sure to hide the bobby pins very well :D

another version i did on this hairstyle, i call these the
*PRETZEL KNOT/CELTIC KNOT HAIRSTYLES - this is like having a barette but made of hair!!!! This hairstyle kinda reminds me too of a "pretzel bread"....this makes me hungry!! :)

Look what i did:

*WATERFALL FISHTAIL BRAIDS - waterfall braids are the most easy to do, speaking for my self. Here is another variation of this hairstyle:

And this is my version of this hairstyle:

The list would go on, and on, and on. That just shows you how passionate i am in learning new hairstyles for my daughter. I wanna do all of these while my daughter is still young. I know somehow that when she reaches her teens she might not want me to do her hair anymore :(

So, while my daughter still enjoys me doing her hair i will keep learning new hairstyles for her!! And this is one great bonding time for the 2 of us. <3 <3 <3

Thanks a lot KORI and to your wonderful hair blog You really helped me a lot!

Lots of Love,