Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Our Palm Sunday Hairstyle 3-24-2013"

Here in the Philippines, we Catholics are now celebrating "PALM SUNDAY". It culminates the start of the Holy Week.

My daughter and i went to church and attended the mass. 

inside the church people lined up with their palm leaves

Palm Leaves being waved at the start of the mass
to be blessed with Holy Water

Anyway, I would like to share to you my daughter's hairstyle when we went to church. It was inspired from Princess Hairstyles and it is called the "curvy french braiding-cascading veil".

This is the original hairstyle that inspired me to do
it's from
The way i did this hairstyle was a bit different from Kori's original hairstyle. Though i did the same braids on both side, the difference is how i did the cascading braid/veil on the middle part of the hair. Plus, i ended this hairstyle in a braided ponytail. 

This is how it turned out/look like on my daughter's hair:

As you can see at the back i ended it into a braided ponytail. To achieve this, i first tied the 2 side braids to the remaining loose hair into a pony. Then the 3rd braid (the one in the middle) i wrapped it around the ponytail. Then i made a simple plait braid.

I added some cute hair accessories. On top is a black velvet small hat clip and at the bottom of the ponytail i added a black flower clip. 

Plus, i so loved these pretty butterfly earrings she wore.

These we all purchased at an accessory/jewelry store named BROADWAY GEMS.

Now if you wanna do the original hairstyle from, just click the link below and you will see a video tutorial also for the said hairstyle:

Have a blessed Sunday to all!!

Lots of Love,