Wednesday, January 15, 2014



Happy New Year, 2014, to all!!

It has been a while since I wrote here on my blog due to some events. Two things: the death of my husband (June 2013) and the opening of my Online Bakeshop (December 2013)

Anyways, here is our very FIRST HAIRSTYLE FOR 2014, inspired from Cute Girls Hairstyles, and we call it the:

This is the original hairstyle posted by Mindy of Cute Girls Hairstyles, they call it the "Zipper Braid" #CGHZipperBraid:
Photo grab From Cute Girls Hairstyles

In the original, Mindy ended this hairstyle in a "Braided Bun". I opted to end ours in a simple "Side Ponytail". Here are some more of our pics of this cute hairstyle:

If you want to know more about this hairstyle, click the link below and watch their video tutorials to this hairstyle:

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"2014 LIKES in 2014"
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

"All About June"

A lot of things had happened since June came.
And this is why I haven't been posting lately here on my blog, my FB Page, Instagram & Twitter.

Just click the links below and you can find out what happened:

1) Family Day Part 1 - Happy Moments

2) Family Day Part 2 - Unexpected Moment

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Sunday, May 12, 2013


Hi everyone! As promised, I am so excited to share with you all my daughter's NEW LOOK!! A few days ago, me & my daughter had a great bonding at a salon. I had hair treatment, while my daughter wanted to try out something new, like colors!! 

Check out these BEFORE & AFTER looks of SAM:

My daughter had a "layered" haircut  & went "OMBRE" in 2 shades of red!!

She so loves her new look!

A much closer look, side view :)

The colored hair from the back! Ombre style, 2 shades of red!

Her hair was done by "MARIAN" of  SIMPLY ORANGE SALON & SPA, located at Nueno Ave. Imus, Cavite. Here's some "inside the salon" pics of my daughter, as she gets her hair cut & ombre hair color:

Waiting for her big change!!

Hairstylist "Marian", giving my daughter a haircut first. 

Her 2nd layer of color...waiting for it to be absorbed by the hair!
I am so satisfied at how my daughter looked like at her new  haircut & hair color! She wished for this kind of hair color too and she was also very happy at how she looks like now. Here are some more pics of my daughter's new hairstyle:

Hope you guys liked the transformation my daughter had, in terms of hairstyle! Would love to hear from you!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

"A Birthday Celebration"

Hello everyone! How's everybody doing? It's still summer here in the Philippines and I know in some parts of the world it is Spring time already. It's a little less than a month from now and it will be "back to school" again here!
Anyways, last May 2, I celebrated my 37th birthday. It was
just a simple celebration with my family. My day started with going to church with my husband. Then we went to fetch our daughter from her vacation at my mom's house. We went to the mall & watched IRONMAN 3 (3D). Then we ate at my fave pizza store: SHAKEY'S PIZZA!! 

Here's some of the pics while eating at Shakey's:

Check out some of the food & drinks we ordered. Yum! Yum! Yum!:

my daughter ordered this drink: Mango Super Shake

I ordered this drink: Coffee Chip Super Shake

Chix N' Chips basket.....I Love MOJOS!!!

We ordered my fave pizza, the BELLY BUSTER PIZZA! Consists of 11 delicious toppings:
beef, Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, salami, cheddar cheese,
salami bits, mushroom, red & green bell peppers, onions & black olives!!

Here are some of our pics when we watched IRONMAN 3:

Here we were having fun taking pics while inside the movie theater. We were the firsts people there and the movie hasn't started yet so we took some time taking wacky shots with our 3D Glasses on!

That's mostly what i had for my birthday. Very simple yet very important to me. Because on my special day, my daughter & husband were with me the whole day!!

Don't forget to check out my next post this coming weekend! A big change has come upon my daughter!!! I'm so excited to show it all to you guys!

'Til next time!!

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Amazing Hairstyle" - Throwback Thursday

I saw this amazing hair tutorial video! And the hairstyle here was so pretty amazing & gorgeous.

I've seen the first part of the said hairstyle (BTW, i don't know what the person who did it call this hairstyle) at and there, it is called the Chain Link Braid Headband Hairstyle. You can check out Kori's hair blog of the said hairstyle here.

Anyways, here is the video of this "Russian" hair tutorial. I would love to do this one day. Hopefully, by the start of the school year (June), i would be able to try this on my daughter's hair (since she is on vacation at my mother's house).

Here's the video:

Hope you enjoy it! Post it on my Fb page Pretty Hairstyles For Girls or post a pic on my Twitter @SamsPrettyHair or in our Instagram: @SamsPrettyHair, even here if you have done it already!!

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