Thursday, March 21, 2013


Last time we posted a hairstyle called "TWIST LACE BRAIDS & PONYTAIL TWISTS". My daughter loved that hairstyle.

We are now posting another hairstyle we saw from our favorite hair blogger and it's also a TWISTS hairstyle.
Here's the new hairstyle my daughter is sporting and loving now and we are calling it "CRAZY FOR TWISTS":

We super love this hairstyle we saw on Kori's blog  PRINCESS HAIRSTYLES . And i thought that this would be nice to wear this summer especially if you go to the beach. And it's pretty easy to do. Though, it took me 45 minutes to finish these all up! But, it's all worth it! 

this is pic which inspired us.
If you are to do this hairstyle you need to use the colorful elastic bands. Because it gives the hairstyle some additional fun and color with the use of different colored elastics.


I first made 4 parts in her hair from side to side. Starting from the first part on top, i divided this into 6 equal parts. I tied each of the 3 parts on the right with same colored elastics (yellow green) and the 3 pars on the left with pink elastics. Now each of this part i twisted and temporarily tied them.

Now on the 2nd side-to-side part, i divided them too into 6 equal parts. Getting the 3 twists from the top right part, tie each of them to the 3 parts on the left of the 2nd side-to-side hair part. Do the same on the remaining 3 twists on the left top part and tie them each on the 3 remaining parts on the right of the side-to-side hair part. But, this time you weave each of these twists first on the first 3 twists you tied. Now you will have 6 mini ponytails on the 2nd side-to-side part of the hair.

Then you can do the same step again on the 3rd side-to-side part. And on the 4th part you just tie them and twists them. The final look of this would be 6 twisted ponytails.

For more detailed steps on how to do this hairstyle go to

Enjoy this hairstyle everyone!!

Lots of Love,