Saturday, March 23, 2013

"ARTS & CRAFTS: Hair Accessories!!"

I found a new interest last month (as i am still reading posts from my fave hair bloggers).......ARTS & CRAFTS!!! And I am starting to learn on how to make your own HAIR ACCESSORIES from things found in our very home!

I've read a post from 2 of my fave hair bloggers:


Both bloggers show tutorials on how to make your own hair accessory like a HEADBAND.

Becky, mom of 3 beautiful girls known as Goose, Bug & Bee and the owner/blogger of Babes in Hairland, made this cute Nylon Headbands from baby/ballet tights.

It's actually pretty easy to do. All you will be needing are the nylon tights, scissors, measuring tape, lighter (to burn seal the edges of the tights), needle & thread, ribbons & glue gun.

You can also add up some other things to accessorize your headband once it is done such as a cute ribbon, flowers, or gems/crystals. Here are some of the examples of the nylon headband where flowers were added:


Kori owns the blog/website The Story of a Princess & her Hair. As most of you who follows/reads my blog, knows that this is the first hair blog that taught me hair styling!

Anyways, who would've thought that you can make a wonderful hair accessory using POP-TABS?!?!?!! Well, this is definitely a first for me. I never knew you can do many things using pop-tabs. When i saw this in Kori's blog, i was so amazed!! This hair accessory is so pretty! She said she saw this on Youtube and tried doing it too.

To make this, you will be needing lots & lots of pop-tabs (so start collecting them now) around 45-50 pieces, 7-8 feet long of any of your choice ribbons, 2 small safety pins, & scissors.

She made a headband, belt, and her daughter made a bracelet using the pop-tabs. It all depends on how long you are going to make it. Check out the pics below:

pop-tabs made into a stylish belt

pop-tabs ribbonheadband

Here's the link to the video tutorial of this project:

Right now, i haven't done any of these yet. As for the nylon headbands, well, i already gave away my daughter's old ballet tights. Too bad :(  So i have to either buy new ones or ask from friends who have baby girls who doesn't use their baby tights or ballet tights anymore :)

For the pop-tabs headband, i am still collecting pop-tabs. WOW! finding them is kinda hard. I have to ask friends, family for them to save pop-tabs and give it to me.

Once i start making them and finishing doing these crafts i will be proud to show it to all of you!

So, try them out too guys! It will be a nice project!

Happy crafting everyone!!

Lots of Love,