Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Double Dutch Braid-Knotted Pony"

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Here is a new hairstyle we did. I'm not really sure though if this is really new. I mean, if you guys already know how to french braid or dutch braid, you will be able to re create other styles using these basics. So this is one of them. I call it the "DOUBLE DUTCH BRAID-KNOTTED PONYTAIL". Whew! Long name? LOL!

This is how it looks:

This is the back view of the said can't see it clearly because of the flower clip, but the 2 braids' ends i pulled into a twist or a knot before i tied it to a ponytail.

To do this hairstyle, i just parted her hair in half or in the middle. Then on each side i did a dutch braid (you can also do a french braid if you want) just until the bottom hairline below the left ear. And just continue plaiting it and secure with an elastic.

Do the same thing here on the right side, as you did on the left side. So by now you have 2 braids, one on each side. Now take both the braids and pull them to a twist or a knot. Make sure it's tight. Then gather the remaining loose hair and the braids and tie it into a ponytail like this:

Then you could add up or accessorize it with pretty clips like big bows, flowers, or even ribbons, just to add some cuteness to it.

Just keeping it plain and simple i must say. But still turned out cute because of the accessory.

That's it for today folks. 
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