Sunday, May 5, 2013


"Faux-Hawk 2 Strand Twists"

Hi every one!! 

I saw a hairstyle from one hair blogger Goldilocks 'N Me, and I immediately tried it on my daughter's hair. We are so loving these days anything about "twists" hairstyles. In the original hairstyle, Goldilocks made 4 parts of side ponies. Here in my daughter's pic i only made 3 parts.

3 parts made and tied first into
side ponies
So, make your part, either 3 or 4, from ear to ear and tie each into side ponies. Make sure that the ponies are aligned from each other.

Divide the top pony first into 2 and make a "twisted braid". Click the link for the video tutorial of the twisted braid from Princess Hairstyles:

Do the same thing on the remaining pony tails. So now you will have 3 or 4 twisted pony tails.  

All you have to do this time is add your favorite hair accessories on top to add more "umph" to the hairstyle. Here i added a big flower clip on top. I think big bows, flower clips or ribbons make it more prettier. Bigger is better!! :)

Hope you guys like it!! Enjoy doing this hairstyle!

Lots of Love,