Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Crossing Lace Braids or X Braids"

Hi Everyone!! How's your weekend?

I saw another hairstyle from my fave hair bloggers. This is called the "CROSSING LACE BRAIDS" or the "X-BRAIDS". It is simply 2 dutch lace braids (or any kind of braids) that crosses at the center.

Well, this is how it turned out on my daughter's hair after I've done it:

As you can see on the side view of this hairstyle, i did a dutch braid on the 2 top parts on each side, crossing them to the other side of the bottom part of the hair. 

When you get to the bottom half part this is where you do the lace braid, wherein you only take hair or add hair from the top. 

It kinda looked a bit different from the original, i guess because i braided her hair a bit tight or near the scalp. The trick here is to make the braids a little bit loose to make the lace braid look kind of flowing. 

Thanks for reading. Until next time! Happy hair styling everyone!

Lots of Love,