Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday's Hair - Mohawk Anyone??

Hi everyone!! How are you all doing?

Whew!! It's super hot now here in the Philippines!!
Summer time!! 

Since it's very hot here, and my daughter has long hair, she wanted to always have her hair up in a ponytail. Just to keep it away from her face & neck.

So i started looking at these 4 hair blogs i follow for some nice updo hair styles. There were lots of them! And because i was running out of time i need something quick. Finally i saw one at Mindy's blog http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com/ and it's called the "BUN-HAWK" a cute version of the Mohawk (w/c is originally worn by men) It is also called the "BANTU KNOTS". This was such a cute idea & very easy to do!

the "Bun-Hawk"
Mindy's hair blog "CuteGirlsHairstyles" is very famous now in the US. Even her FB page is famous. She & her family (dad & kids) were invited on Anderson Cooper's TV show to do hairstyling. Though, we don't have that channel here in the Philippines, I'm waiting for it on YouTube. They have been on many TV shows in the US.

Going back to the hairstyle, as i said, it was very easy to do. You just have to part your daughter's hair into 5 pony tails. You can make the parting equally or you can do it like small pony to big pony. Then each ponytail, you grab the hair and twist it. Keep twisting till it curls up then you can now make a bun. Secure them with elastic bands & bobby pins. Here is our finished product:

the "Bun-Hawk"

As you can see i started the bottom ponytail smaller and as it goes up it gets bigger. But, like i said you can do your ponytails equally/same amount of hair.

I took some more pics and here they are:

she feels like a rock star!!

the back view of this hairstyle

By the way, the top she is wearing is from SM KIDS (SM is like one of the many popular malls here in the Philippines). It's like a Lady Gaga inspired top, with all the big bows and ruffles on the sleeves:

If you want to watch the video tutorial, just click this link :

My daughter really loved this hairstyle!! The pictures tell it all!!

She likes it so much! Love the butterfly earrings too
Rock on!! yeah!
the top is like Lady Gaga's outfit
So that's it my friends! Our Tuesday hair....good to wear on these hot summer days! When we go swimming, she will definitely have these hairstyle.

So long for now! God bless you all! And thank you Mindy!!

Lots of Love,