Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Valentine's Day Hairstyles ~ BOHEMIAN HEART BRAIDS"

It's FEB. 14, 2013 today........HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all of you!!

So are you ready for our "VALENTINE'S DAY HAIRSTYLE" for today?? Don't forget to read our previous post about our 5 Days of Different Valentine's/Heart Inspired Hairstyles.

You can read more about the post & pics above HERE.


We started this hairstyle by braiding all her hair last night. She kept it overnight.

Then this morning, I took off all the braids and this is how her hair looked like:

I think my daughter (left side of the pic) kinda look like a young Jessica Sanchez of AI 11 :)
I made a side part to her hair. Then i 2 small sections of hair near her left temple and made each into a simple braid. From the center back of the hair i also took a small section and made a braid. The first braid section at the left i crossed over her forehead going to the right & tied it together with the braided section of hair at the back. Tie those 2 at the right side of the hair, flip it up and form your heart. The remaining braided hair section at the left you just cross over the forehead too and secure it under your heart braid with a bobby pin. The hair accessory I used here is just from an old cellphone accessory, which I glue gunned into a bobby pin. Then I added some cute curls to her hair with a curling iron:

And this is the finished product:


Today, my daughter will be wearing "something RED" for school since it's Valentine's Day. The hairstyle we did is perfect for these 2 outfits we were choosing:

I wanted the dress, she wanted the shirt & shorts. What do you think?? Anyways she won the battle!! LOL!

I hope you guys like the hairstyle we did for this year's Valentine's Day. Feel free to post or share your Valentine's hairstyles in our FB Page Pretty Hairstyles For Girls. You can also follow us on Twitter @SamsPrettyHair & Instagram @SamsPrettyHair. You can also Pin our pics in Pinterest **Sam's Pretty Hairstyles**.

Happy Valentine's Day again to all of you!! Remember guys: "If I can do these hairstyles, so can YOU!"

Happy hair styling! :)

Lots of Love,