Saturday, February 16, 2013


Here is my previous post, from my previous blog (Pretty Hairstyles For Girls) about our Valentine's hairstyles last 2012.

"Valentines is fast approaching! Thus, the red font!
anyways, i am so amazed to see lots of new (& not so new) hairstyles appropriate for this season/holiday and am planning to do it to my daughter's hair. Recently, we did one hairstyle. I learned it from the video of Princess Hairstyles: it was pretty easy to follow so i had no hard time doing it to my daughter. this is the photo of it:

the photo from princess hairstyles

So i studied the video for a few minutes and the next day, i did my daughter's hair like this for school. here's how it looks like:

here's my version of the hairstyle...i used blue ribbons just because i don't have red ribbons. LOL!

Hope you could all see the "heart" detail on this hairstyle. it's so cute. my daughter got nice comments from some of her teachers and classmates at school.

I'll be trying to learn 2 more "Valentines Day" hairstyle just in time for this holiday. i'll be posting it soon. So keep in touch...and i'll be glad to hear any comments from all of you!

Have a nice Sunday! God bless!"

Thanks for reading this post guys. 

Lots of Love,