Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"My First Hair Styling Blog"

We have just "re-launch" our hair styling blog! We were once known as: "Pretty Hairstyles For Girls". And now we are introducing ourselves again by the name: 

I thought i would never be able to start posting something here on my first ever hair styling blog!! I finally had the time, plus my brain is functioning well today (LOL!!), to write something here.

My name is Mae, by the way, but here on my blogs i would rather be called or known as "MIMAY". And my daughter/hair model is Sam.

I created this blog because i would like to share with all of you a special place wherein i can put up all the photos and videos of all the different, cute, and stylish hairstyles i have learned from watching video tutorials and following hair styling blogs for girls!! I have 4 favorite blogs that does girls' hair styles. And these are all moms like me. They are namely:

They all have lots of beautiful hairstyles from the basic bun, ponytail, pigtails, braids to the most elaborate, intricate and absolutely unique styles of these basics. Plus, all of their tutorial videos are easy to follow. Though, i have to admit, since i never really knew these styles before (i only do or know the basics), i watched some of their videos 2-3 times or more just to be able to re-create certain hairstyles on my daughter's hair. And my fingers are not so flexible like theirs when it comes to french or dutch braiding. 

Would you believe me when i tell you that i only learned how to french braid or dutch braid just last year? It's TRUE!! LOL!! At the age of 35 i was finally able to do these braids!! So, to those who have not been doing it, i tell you, it's never too late to learn these hairstyles!! I guess it really depends on where your interests are. For me, when i first saw these cute hairstyles i initially felt a passion for doing it, even though I'm not yet that good.

Anyway, here is what i first learned from i learned it last November because i wanted a Christmas-looking hairstyle for my daughter. It is called the "CANDY CANE BRAID"

And these is how it looked like on my daughter when i did it on her hair:

So, what do you think guys?? Pretty good don't you think? It turned out so pretty that i was so proud of myself for what I've achieved. It's not just a regular 3 strand braid, but a 4 strand braid (2 strands hair & 2 strands ribbon). So it took me 2 practices to make this look pretty as it is on the pic.

And if you guys wanna do it ('cause you can do this in any occasion just change the ribbon) you can watch the video below or just go directly to and visit the blog as well. You can look at all those beautiful hairstyles!! 

Here's the video:

Have fun & i hope you enjoyed reading my first hair blogging post!!

Lots of Love,