Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Our Fave Hairstyles Learned From CUTE GIRLS HAIRSTYLES"!!

 I have been an avid fan/follower of moms who have a great talent in HAIR STYLING. I followed their blogs, YouTube videos, Twitter, Pinterest & FB Page. Most of you probably have read my other post featuring Hairstyles For Girls - Princess Hairstyles, you can read it HERE. Well, I have another mom hair blogger i would like to share with you whom I have learned a lot of hairstyles too. This is Mindy McKnight's blog CUTE GIRLS HAIRSTYLES!

visit Mindy's blog here: www.cutegirlshairstyles.com

This was the 2nd hair blog/tutorial I saw online and Mindy (the blog owner) makes very nice, pretty, fun, creative & unique hairstyles for girls. I think the very first hairstyle i learned from her was the BRAIDED CROWN:

here is the pic from Mindy's blog featuring the "braided crown" hairstyle

this is my version of their "braided crown"

here's another view of our "braided crown"

Most of the other hairstyles I've seen from this blog are fun, unique, and easy to learn. Another hairstyle that caught my eye was her hair style for Easter, the EGG TAILS - EASTER HAIRSTYLE!

This is Mindy's version of the EGG TAILS:

This is my version of their hairstyle:


*the only difference in my version is that
 i made 4 mini braids on each pony tail 
to act as the cage for the eggs*

One time, me & my daughter were feeling a bit LADY GAGA! We want a fun and unique hairstyle. And when i looked at Mindy's hair blog...BOOM! There it was, the ever famous LADY GAGA BOW!!

This is Mindy's daughter wearing the Lady Gaga Bow hair style

Now this is my version of the Lady Gaga Bow....
Another fun and funky style of hairstyle i found on Mindy's blog is the "BUN-HAWK" hair style which i think is perfect for something "funky" & fun, rock & roll kind of party.

the "bun-hawk" (like a mohawk)

yeah!! look how happy she is!!
rock & roll sistah!
And here's our version of this crazy hairstyle, which by the way was worn with a cute Lady Gaga inspired top (just look at the big bow details on the shoulders):

i added some cute black & white butterfly earrings to go with this hairstyle

look at my daughter, ready to rock out!! ain't her black top cute?

Another hairstyle I have learned was the CAGE BRAID PONYTAIL (RIB-CAGE BRAIDS). Here's the pic of what Mindy did:

And this is my version of this hair style:



These are just a few of the many hairstyles I have learned from Mindy and her blog CUTE GIRLS HAIRSTYLES. If you too want to learn from her, follow her blog. 

You can check & follow her Instagram account:

Follow her too in Pinterest:
Mindy "Cute Girls Hairstyles"

You can also watch her YouTube video here: http://www.youtube.com/user/CuteGirlsHairstyles

Follow her on Twitter too:

You can look up these hairstyles too in her FB Page here:

So what are you waiting for? Go there and learn some cute hairstyles for your daughters!!!

As what Mindy would always say "HAPPY HAIRDOING!!!"

Lots of Love,