Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Countdown To Valentine's Day Hairstyles"

5 - DAYS of HEART Hairstyles

Last Feb 9, Saturday, me & my daughter thought of putting up different hairstyles in time for the Valentine's Day. There are a lot of "heart" hairstyles out there, and we want to share with you some of these hairstyles that you may want your daughter/s to wear for the coming event. Thus, we started the "COUNTDOWN TO VALENTINE'S DAY HAIRSTYLES". As you can see we already did 5 Valentine's/Heart inspired hairstyles.


This one is very easy to do. All you need is a "topsy tool" and some elastics. Tie a small ponytail, flip it upwards using your topsy tool. Then divide the ponytail into 2 sections, twist them and you'll see it is much easier to form a heart. Tie it with an elastic. This hairstyle would look much better if only i had a hair accessory shaped like Cupid's arrow.


A "mohawk" inspired hairstyle, we made 3 braided hearts at the center part of the head. Tied the ends with a simple red ribbon. 


Another easy hairstyle. Just tie your hair in a half pony tail. Divide the pony tail into 2 sections. Do a simple braid on each section. Shape the braided hair sections into a heart & secure with some bobby pins. Tie the ends with an elastic & add some red ribbon.


This hairstyle is just as simple as DAY 1 hairstyle. But, instead of doing 2, you make 3 hearts on each side of the hair. After you tied them all, gather the remaining hair from the 3 hearts and just make a simple braid.

DAY 5 - "T. L. C. (Twists, Love & Crown) BRAIDS HAIRSTYLE"

This is a combo hairstyle. First, i made a heart shaped parting on the crown of her head and tied it in a ponytail. The "heart" represents the "LOVE" in this hairstyle. The remaining hair around the heart shape, i made into a semi-"CROWN" braid. And the hair in the ponytail i made into a simple "TWISTS". Thus the name "T. L. C." 

So, These are the hairstyles we did since Feb 9-13. I hope some of you could get an idea on what hairstyles your girls will wear for Valentine's Day.

Tomorrow, watch out for our "VALENTINE'S DAY HAIRSTYLES". Here's a little "sneak peek" on what we are going to do tomorrow.

Tonight i braided all her hair in preparation for the hairstyle i am going to do tomorrow Valentine's Day. My daughter will be going to school in a red outfit (Come In Red for school) and i have just a great idea for her hairstyle.

Thanks everyone! I hope you get used to my blog's new name :)

And remember: "If I can do these hairstyles, so can you!"
Happy Hair styling!

Lots of Love,